BELLE – now called Ruby

by | May 1, 2020 | My New Home

Ruby did not have the best start in life, as her mum was in poor health and it was touch and go whether her daughter would survive, as her other siblings had already died before the pair were brought here.  After much debate between myself and the vet, we decided to give her a chance to see if she developed into a healthy rabbit, and indeed by around 4 months old it was clear she was going to make it, despite her bad start.  She then was adopted into a wonderful home as a house bunny!  Here is an update from her new owner:

Hi Mairwen

Hope you and your family are keeping well in this crazy world we are now in.

Since my last update Ruby has now settled in very well.  It has taken her a while to gain confidence to explore although she has always been very friendly and happy !  We haven’t rushed her and she is now happy to venture around the downstairs and finally this week has discovered the garden (we now can’t get her in)!  She really is very funny running and jumping around the house and garden! She also likes to groom herself flopped on her side and sometimes rolls 360 degrees which I haven’t seen before in any of our previous bunnies! She was spayed on the 19 March and as you will see has now fully recovered although she did struggle for a few days.    I know she had a rough start in life but she is now happy and full of life!  Thank you for giving her a chance when her poor mum died.

Hope you like the photos

Take care.



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