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by | Feb 5, 2020 | My New Home

Guinea pig brothers Ben and Jerry are 18 months old and are a bonded pair.  They are a little overweight!  They handle well once you have picked them up but currently they are a little shy initially but should become more confident with regular handling.

UPDATE by new owner:

DJ and Basil settling in nicely. Still quite timid although they are letting us stroke them.
We will continue to build their confidence in us daily.
They are eating drinking well and love the odd handful of grass as a treat! See photo below.
Best Wishes
The Coopers
Boys are getting a little braver! Will take veggies from our hands and now popcorn, wheek, and get excited when they hear the kale bag!!  They are loving being out on the grass although there has been a bit of chasing and grunting from DJ towards Basil a couple of times hopefully it was just a bit of sibling rivalry and nothing more.
Will keep you posted!
Justine,the girls DJ and Basil

To adopt this pair you will need either a good quality 5′ hutch or an inside cage at least 120cms.  A secure run would be needed for the summer months so that they could be put on grass.

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