by | Oct 6, 2019 | My New Home

Binky (the large mainly white lop) is a neutered female and she is bonded to Bobby, a neutered male.  They are almost 3 years old.  They are both overweight so are on a diet!  Binky is especially fat, weighing well over 3kg, but I am confident they will trim down nicely now that they are on a good feeding regime. Now that they have settled in they have shown that they are a lively pair, and are much more active now that they are losing the flab.  They are a steady pair too and will make good pets, even for first time owners.

UPDATE and photos from new owner:

Hello!  Just a picture and update on how Binky and Bobby are getting on!  They’re very much enjoying their hutch and especially like sitting on the balcony and looking over and out across the garden.  They are both very active and get excited to come and greet us when we arrive home.  They have full access to the garden where Binky would not stop running everywhere! They look forward to their next outing.




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