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Britney and Mariah are a pair of females (probably sisters), 1 year old.  They are in excellent condition and have only arrived for rehoming due to the poor health of their owner.  This is what she has said about them:

Britney is the squeakier one of the two she thinks everything that rustles is food for her!! She loves to sit on the back of the neck and chews your ear, or she likes to sit on crossed legs watching TV.  Mariah is the quieter one, she likes her belly being tickled and likes to cuddle up in the crook of your arm just like a baby, she loves to groom your arm, and will stay there for ages. 

UPDATE by new owner:

Britney (White & grey) and Mariah (brown ) met our two guinea pigs Terri and Pumba last Sunday (19 Jan) after our two lost their elderly matriarch Sandy on Christmas Eve.  They met a few times (lots of sniffing, squeaking and running off) and lived in separate cages for a week. 
 We’ve now renamed  them both Ingrid and Bessie and they live with Terri and Pumba free range in our utility room. They love cuddles especially in fluffy dressing gowns. Pumba seems to be a hands off boss, second in command and very hands on is Bessie, then Terri who is very relaxed, with Ingrid (who is very jumpy) bottom of the pecking order.   
Terri and Bessie are both on the larger side and both try to squeeze in together (not very successfully) into the large corner plastic hutch (we are getting another one!).   Ingrid squeaks very loudly when the fridge is opened and loves having a cuddle in a fluffy dressing gown. Pumba gets her me time sitting in a fluffy piggy bed in the shower room.  Our  daughters also created  a box with two entrances on its side which they all love racing through. 
We now have four happy chattery ladies living in our kitchen/utility /shower room and lovely company they are too.  Thank you too Cottontails Rescue for the introduction. 
Further update:
Hi Mairwen
Hope you are well.  Just a quick final up date.  Terri is a little thinner since we stopped using a large bowl for the food (many thanks for the advice) and along with Bessie (who we think is also little bit thinner) busy doing lots of exploring of our kitchen.   They seem very active and happy eating together and All four are very talkative!

So our four chattery ladies are now very happy and settled in their new home.  They enjoy lots of cuddles and we have excitable squeaks when the fridge door is opened. Bessie & Ingrid have also now briefly explored our patio (on a dry day) with Terri and Pumba and have found and adopted some new interesting hiding places!  I think they will enjoy being free range on the patio when the weather gets warmer.




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