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Charm is part of an emergency intake of Netherland dwarfs.  She is 1 year old and has now been spayed and has had her combined vaccination and RHD2 is due shortly.  Once she has recovered she will be available to bond with a neutered male.

Here is an update from her new owner:

Morning Mairwen

Thought you’d like to know all is going well so far with Charm, now called Lulu.
She’s settled in very well and is eating lots of greens and hay.  She’s very keen on kale and also cauliflower leaves! She came in for her first proper cuddle last weekend and seemed very content on Georgia’s lap for some time. She also gets a small cuddle twice a day when she’s put in and out of her run. Thanks to the awful weather, we’ve had to contract a roof to the run, so it’s rather cosy in there!
She’s got her second injection on Monday and then we plan to introduce them properly next week.
Fingers crossed all goes well next week and we’ll keep you posted on what happens.
Best wishes
Further Update:

Hi Mairwen

All done and all good.  Been together all day now and apart from a very small amount of mounting and running around within the first hour, they seem very happy together.
We’re keeping a close eye and will keep them in the neutral area until next week.
All looking very positive though.
Many thanks for all your help and support.
Further Update:
They moved into their new permanent home today and are very happy. Once settled I’ll get a picture for you of them together.
Further Update:

Hi Mairwen,  Here are the happy couple!  Thank you for everything.  Best.  Tina x


If you would like to adopt Charm, make sure you are familiar with our adoption criteria before contacting us (see link below), especially regarding the accommodation required.   She is available to bond with a neutered male, and if you would like to consider taking her on trial you will need to be able to set up accommodation alongside your male so they can live side by side for around 2 weeks before trying an introduction in neutral territory. Do have a read of the bonding article (link is also below) as this explains the slow bonding method, which is the recommended method for matching rabbits to keep stress and risk of fighting to a minimum. The standard donation of £60 will be required for Charm.



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