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Daisy and Doris are 1-2 years/8-9 months respectively, both females.  They have been well cared for, a little bit too well cared for in the case of Daisy (the chocolate and tan one), who is very overweight at 1.3kg!

To adopt this pair they will need at least a 5′ hutch or an inside cage at least 120cms long, with a safe run for on the grass in the summer months.

UPDATE by new owners:

We wanted to update you on how Daisy and Doris are settling in. They are both doing very well. Doris is timid however we are quietly bringing her out once a day for a short cuddle and brush with some nice grass and dandelions so she’s gradually warming to us! Daisy is a great character happy to be cuddled twice a day!
Thanks again 
Claire, Rowan, Daisy and Doris Xx


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