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by | Feb 5, 2020 | My New Home

This pair have now been adopted, but do follow their story below.  I will post any updates as soon as I received them – I have posted a film of them running around in their new home below.

Dobby is a neutered male, 4 years old, and Copper is a neutered female, 3 years old.  They are now successfully bonded so are available to adopt as a pair.  Both are fully vaccinated.  Dobby was obese but has slimmed down really well and is now very active, and the pair frequently get up to no good as both are now fit and healthy.  Copper likes to think she is quite bossy but Dobby just ignores her and their relationship has blossomed.  I am looking for a home that does not have young children as I feel that Copper would not be comfortable with owners that want a hands-on approach, and she would probably get moody and annoyed so it is important I find the right home for them.  In the right home they will make fantastic and entertaining pets, as both rabbits are very intelligent and easily solve feeding game puzzle toys within seconds!  The first film you will see below is the latest one, taken on the 9th May 2020.

This pair have now gone to their new home.

Here is a film taken by their new owners:

Here are films of each rabbit individually.  I will add a film of the two of them together once I am happy with their bonding.




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