by | Feb 1, 2020 | My New Home

Donna and Bella found a lovely new home.  Here is what their new owners had to say:

We adopted Donna and Bella in December. Thank you so much for them! They have settled in so well and are very very loved  by all the family. They were initially very nervous. Bella (gingery one) is very chatty. They both get very excited and wheek when they hear us getting their breakfast. They absolutely love lettuce and baby spinach leaves. They have an indoor play pen for the winter and love playing in tunnels and hiding in cardboard boxes. They seem to enjoy coming out for cuddles with all the family.Donna (tri colour) is the most chilled and snuggly pig.

Thank you again ,
Best wishes Sally,  Marcus and the kids
Dylan, Tillie, Elijah and Willow

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