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by | Mar 16, 2020 | My New Home

Here is an update from Fluffy’s new owner:

Hi Mairwen, 
I’ve been meaning to email for such a long time! We adopted Fluffy from you just before lockdown, he has settled in so well! I’ll admit I was nervous of doing introductions etc myself but actually it was fine. I’ve learned a lot of rabbit behaviour from you over the years which really helped. Maisie and Pippin are now best of friends.
Many, many thanks! 

Here is his story:  Fluffy is a 6 year old neutered male, and he is ready to bond with a neutered female.  He could also be considered as a single house bunny.  He is a very sweet and gentle rabbit, not very big.  Although he is a bit fluffy he will not need much grooming, especially if he is a house bunny, maybe jsut an occasional check to make sure hay has not got stuck in his small mane behind his ears.

If you would like to adopt Fluffy, make sure you are familiar with our adoption criteria before contacting us (see link below), especially regarding the accommodation required.   He is available to bond with a neutered female, and if you would like to consider taking him on trial you will need to be able to set up accommodation alongside your female so they can live side by side for around 2 weeks before trying an introduction in neutral territory. Do have a read of the bonding article (link is also below) as this explains the slow bonding method, which is the recommended method for matching rabbits to keep stress and risk of fighting to a minimum. As Fluffy is an older bunny only half the usual donation will be required (£30) to help towards his vaccinations.




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