by | Mar 28, 2023 | Rabbits for Adoption

This sweet pair are in Market Lavington, and they need a new home. As neither is neutered or vaccinated, CottonTails will give a grant of £100 for each rabbit towards the neutering and vaccination costs, payable to the vet who will carry out the procedures and vaccinations. The new owner will arrange the neutering and vaccinations to suit their locality and vet preference. Here is what owner Denise has said:
“They are called Fluffy and Coco. Age unknown although our vet thinks they’re young, but not babies. They’re not currently vaccinated and I’ve not had them neutered as my boy was (who I hoped they’d live with). They’re both female.
They are very very inquisitive little souls. And escape artists! They adore the dig box and any opportunity on grass is spent digging. They love to binky around the garden under a watchful eye. Fluffy is more confident of the two, and will come and investigate, CoCo remains unconvinced that people are ok. She loves Fluffy and that’s that. They both can be picked up but they’re not cuddle bunnies. They eat well and enjoy treats. They prefer hay to pellets but they do eat them. They have a preferred area to toilet in and I’ve tried to litter train them but they reject the tray at every opportunity ???? they just like their corner to use without any trays.”
If you think you can offer a suitable, permanent home for this pair, get in touch by email or Facebook PM and we can go from there. Their litter training will likely improve significantly once they are spayed.

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