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by | Nov 20, 2019 | My New Home

Hercules arrived very overweight and it has to be said showing a bit of attitude!  However, her diet and spay seemed to make a big difference and by the time she was sent out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male, she was starting to show a much nicer side to her personality.  Do compare her “before” photos and film with how she looks now – staggering!   Here are updates from her new owner:

They sit like this most of the time, haven’t left them overnight together yet but think we will next week:

We’ve still been shutting her in at night, completely separating them for the first 5 days as he wouldn’t stop pestering her at the bars, trying to lick her, but now they can both be out and just do their own thing.  They lie together and chill out, so fingers crossed she will be free roam 24/7 in a few days!

She’s absolutely lush!  She absolutely loves attention.  She wants constant stroking all the time and when you stop she jumps on you for attention.  As I said before, he loves licking so I think she enjoys being with him a lot!  And she licks us so much!

Hi Mairwen, we absolutely adore Hercules, and have renamed her Honey.  She’s the sweetest rabbit and her and Wilbur are definitely in love!  She loves strokes and attention and licking us and Wilbur.  Safe to say she is 100% part of our family.  She is slimming down slowly too which is good.

Further update:

The vets are very happy with her weight for the last couple of months.  Her new favourite trick is to pull the toilet roll across the house!





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