THANK YOU – my chance to give appreciation

Many people have helped CottonTails since we started in 1993, and I would like to give a very BIG thank you to everyone who has contributed in any way over the years. Although it would be an impossible task to name every person, there are some individuals and organisations that have been particularly important in recent months, either by supporting us or giving personal donations, and they are acknowledged in our annual report, which you will find on another page on this website.   My sincere thanks to them all!

 I would also like to thank:

The Trustees for their continued support.

The RSPCA Bristol ARC veterinary team headed by Damian Pacini in Bristol who carried out our neutering operations and most of our vaccinations, and without whom we could not have continued.

Manor Farm Vets at Codford for supplying us with vaccines and medications.

Jon Humphrey ( of “Random Precision”) for his support with issues relating to the website.

My sons Ben and Fraser for giving vital holiday cover when I manage to sneak away.

Bev Weekes for the original design of the CottonTails logo, and Ben Abbott for logo redevelopment.

Last but not least is Francis, my husband, without whom CottonTails could not run properly as he organises the trips to the tip, the bedding and vegetable collection runs, and various other vital roles in the day-to-day running of the charity.


Although we have now discontinued the adopt-a-hutch scheme, I have retained the most recent entries from sponsors of the scheme with the messages they left at the time of signing up.  My sincere thanks to all those who have contributed to CottonTails through this fundraising effort.

Cathy: Merry Christmas Squidge (and buns Robin and Holly!)

Debi Barry: 
In memory of my beloved lop cross bunny Bramble. Thank you Mairwen for all your advice over the years which helped me have 6 very rewarding years with him.

Annie Edwards:  A very happy birthday to Annie, who would certainly be cuddling every bunny in the hutch if she was there in person! Love Amy, Dan and the dogs.

Stephanie, Gary and Adam:  in memory of our gorgeous Bertie, who we lost a few weeks ago. Bertie was a rescue and it has broken our hearts that he has gone, but if we can help 2 more bunnies by adopting a hutch it makes things a little better.

Claire Hopper:  Happy second wedding anniversary to Lawrence. As the traditional gift for 2-years is cotton and we are Hoppers by name, it seemed appropriate to support our cotton-tailed friends. Love F#2.

Margaret Howse:  Happy Christmas and Happy Birthday to Joyce, who loves rabbits and always takes great care of them, a good friend to all.

Rachael Walker:  Rachael was gifted a hutch adoption by her friend Tamitha.

Elaine Ford:  Sent in remberance of Lynn Shaw who died this year and loved her piggies.

Scott:   My sincere thanks to Cottontails and Mairwen for helping me re-home my 3 gorgeous Guinea pigs.
We are a family of 3, myself, my wife and my 15 year old son, who like everyone else were struggling with the current pandemic but also other issues, mine being spine surgery, my son trying to catch up with all his GCSE’s and my wife picking up all the slack on top of her everyday job but we couldn’t give them the care and attention they really needed.
My wife spoke to Mairwen who put her at ease straight away and explained what would happen to re-home the guineas. I was a bit distraught as I didn’t want them to go but as they would have to, I wanted it to be a good home. Within days we had someone who was interested,  a teen-ager who had owned guineas before and really missed them after they passed away. We spoke to her and her Mum and quickly found out how knowledgeable they were and had a clear love and passion of these animals. When they came to visit, we realised straight away Mairwen had made the right choice and although upset, I felt at ease within minutes of talking to this family.
My 3 Guineas, Peach, Zelda and Little Lumi are with great people who have time to take care of them and now I couldn’t be happier, especially as we have recieved numerous pictures and videos of them 🙂

Dianne Ellard:  in Memory of Lucie & Scottie, (these rabbits adopted from you) plus Ben & Jo came from yourself as well.

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