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by | Feb 1, 2020 | My New Home

Luna and Dash are 2 year old sisters, and both weigh over 3kg so are large rabbits.  They are neutered and are available for adoption as a bonded pair, and are now both fully vaccinated.  They are lively and confident rabbits, Luna being quite bossy at feeding times so I would suggest they would be best to be rehomed to someone who has had rabbits before and can manage her very forward approach.  Most of her defensive behaviour is exactly that – defensive, and when challenged she runs away, so she is not really aggressive, just possessive over her food and likes to get her own way.  I scatter feed the pair which has helped to curb a learned behaviour at feeding time.  They will need a lot of room as they are rather large.  They are a great pair however, funny and entertaining, and will make excellent pets in the right home, preferably without young children as I suspect Luna would not have much patience for little ones!  They are very active and would benefit from being allowed to run free from time to time if this can be done safely.  I have become very fond of this pair, which is a very good sign, so do get in touch if you would like to consider adopting them.

UPDATE:  This pair are now reserved and will be adopted very soon pending a successful viewing.  They will have a lovely environment with lots of room to run around, and it will suit them perfectly.

UPDATE:  This pair have now gone to their fantastic new home!  The following film and photos were sent taken by their new owners.


If you would like to adopt the pair, make sure you are familiar with our adoption criteria before contacting us (see link below), especially regarding the accommodation required.    The standard donation of £120 for the pair will be required.





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