by | June 7, 2022

Moxy is just over a year old and needs a new home. She is not neutered or vaccinated so a new owner would need to arrange for her to be spayed as soon as possible. CottonTails will pay £50 towards the cost of her neutering operation, payable to the vet who will carry out the procedure.
She is in Tidworth in Wiltshire. Here is what owner Amy has said:

“Moxy is a beautiful little girl very well tempered been handled by young children never shown aggression. She loves a good rub and scratch, she is an indoor rabbit and likes a run around the house. She is litter trained.
She does have a Dewlap which is very common in female lops.
Not neuted and has had no Vaccinations”

  • She has been out on trial as a friend for a neutered male, but the home did not work out, possibly because it was tried before she was spayed. However, it is possible she may be better as a single house bunny, so this needs to be taken into account as the owner will be unable to take her back if a bonding fails.
    She apparently is a friendly rabbit and is clearly used to being inside the house.
    If you think you can offer her a suitable, permanent home, get in touch by email or Facebook PM and we can go from there.