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by | Dec 12, 2019 | My New Home

Nala arrived with a litter of four, 7 days old (for film and photos of her and her litter, have a look at the website entry entitled Nala and her babies, link is below).  She was a fantastic mum, and reared her babies with dedication so they have all thrived.  Nala has now found a new home as a friend for a neutered male called Frankie, and she is currently out on trial to see if it will work.  Here is what Nala’s new owner has had to say:

Nala is settling in well so far, she’s such a lovely little character!  I’ve decided if all goes well with her bonding with Frankie that I’d like to call her Flossie.  They have obviously not been introduced face to face yet but Frank definitely seems to like her as you can see in one of the pictures!  They are very inquisitive of each other.  Tara

UPDATE:  A successful bonding!




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