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by | Mar 12, 2019 | My New Home

Flynn was dumped outside a Lidl store in Bristol, alongside what I assume are his littermates (7 in total, listed separately, one may be the dad).  I would estimate his age to be under 1 year, and he is now neutered and fully vaccinated.  He is ready to be bonded with a neutered female.  His mane can be trimmed if required as this will stop him from picking up so many bits of hay!  He is microchipped.  He is a lovely gentle bunny, and even although he can grunt very softly at feeding time he has absolutely no aggression in him and is proving to be quite a character.

UPDATE by new owner:

Hello Mairwen,   A belated note to say that Flynn, who we have renamed Felix bonded so well with Hazel….no fighting or bloood! They instantly took a shine to each other. Today is his first time out on the lawn and he is nipping out for a bit then hiding back at his house; clever boy!  Taking photos is tricky but I have attached some.    Emma 



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