by | Oct 17, 2019 | My New Home

Oreo is 8 months old and her daughters (the two tri-coloured guinea pigs) are 5 months old.  Here is an update by their new owner:

The Girls have settled into the shed and two of them have introduced themselves to Bernie. He told mum he’s boss and she seemed to accept. He did a bit of what I call the wiggle bum dance to let her know he’s in charge and she just seemed to accept and backed down from where  she was Investigating him. Bernie just sniffed one of the babies when they came near. The other one is hiding behind Bernies cage and he knows she’s there and keeps going over to look. Bernie is back to being his happy little piggie self now. Every time I went near the fridge this morning he was there begging for a green bean. They are gorgeous. Will give them some time to settle into their new surroundings and for me to get well and slowly work on them getting used to be handled.

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