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by | Jan 14, 2021 | My New Home

UPDATE:  It looks promising that this pair have found their new home, but if anything changes I will alter this post with any news.
Peter (a female) and Sonic (male) are neutered, 3.5 years old and are Netherland dwarf siblings (mum was a dutch/Lionhead and dad a full Netherland). Born on the 17th August in 2017, they were the result of an unplanned litter, but the owner decided to keep them and all was well until recently when the group of 5 they were in started to fight. The decision was made to find a new home for this brother/sister pair.
Peter is the black bunny female with a white nose, and Sonic is the agouti male. Apparently the female is very friendly, the male a little bit shy. They are very strongly bonded so must go to their new home together.
They were house rabbits for the first year, so would easily adapt back to being house bunnies, but are currently living outside in a very spacious pen 10’ by 6’ on two levels, so it is essential that they have lots of room to run around in safely 24 hours a day and not shut into a cage or hutch. They are currently fed on hay, vegetables and Excel nuggets, and apparently they love a cardboard box to hide in and nibble.
If you think you can offer this pair a new permanent suitable home, do get in touch with details of the home you are offering, and I will pass on your contact details to their owner Rachael for her to handle from there.

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