by | Jan 30, 2020 | My New Home

Roger was given a second chance and it has paid off – he has a wonderful new home and is behaving himself!  Bertie and Bunty were adopted around the same time and as you can see from the photos they have a wonderful new home.  Here is an update from their new owners:

A quick update on naughty Roger and the old-timers Bertie & Bunty (formerly known as Lilly).
Roger has in fact become a model citizen – we still have all our fingers! He really has settled in well and his behaviour to date has been exemplary. Long may that continue!!
Bertie and Bunty took a little longer to come out of their shells – not surprising given their ordeal before the Cottontails rescue. For two bunnies of more advanced years they really are now very lively and full of the joys. Their appetites are also incredible.
Photos attached.

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