by | May 25, 2023 | Rabbits for Adoption

This pair of Netherland Dwarfs are in Shaftsbury and they need a new home. They are called Shadow and Emma. Their owner Emma said:
“They are sweet little netherland dwarf rabbits.
The black one (Shadow) is a neutered male and the white one is a un-neutered female, they are a bonded pair.
They are fully vaccinated and microchipped, and are indoor bunnies but would love to be outside in the warmer months. They are very inquisitive and do big bunny hops when free to roam. They love their foods and have a wide variety in their diet. They are litter trained.
Due to space constraints since I moved they are confined to their cage and a small run, they have had full roam of my living room before I moved but sadly I can’t allow them to do this now. They are approximately 2 years old.
I live in Shaftesbury Dorset but will travel for a good home. They travel well.”
As the female is not spayed, CottonTails will give £60 towards her neutering costs, payable to the vet chosen by the new owner to carry out the procedure.
If you think you can offer a suitable, permanent home to this pair, get in touch by email or Facebook PM and we can go from there.

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