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by | Nov 23, 2019 | My New Home

Suki is 5 months old and is a medium sized rabbit weighing 2.31kg.  She is fully vaccinated and has been spayed.  She should be ready to go out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male from around the 10th December.

UPDATE by new owner:

Just a quick update on Suki, she has settled in really well and is being really calm and friendly and confident, just what excitable skittish Frodo needs!  They are spending quite a lot of time near each other by choice and I’ve been swapping some bedding over so they are used to each others smell.  Seems to be going well at the moment, and when I have some time off during Christmas I will set up their first proper date!  Thanks for everything, I’ll keep you posted.

Further update:

Frodo and Suki went on their first proper date this morning and it seemed to go pretty well, I set them up in the garage. 
They just had 5 minutes together to start with, there was a bit of the expected humping and chasing (no biting or proper fighting) to start with, but by the end Frodo was giving Suki a groom! 
UPDATE:  Hi Mairwen, 

thanks so much for your advice last week. Frodo and Suki are now happily bonded and living together full time in their permenant home! 
They both seem very happy and Frodo has been teaching Suki how to Binky ☺️
Thanks again,

If you would like to adopt Suki, make sure you are familiar with our adoption criteria before contacting us (see link below), especially regarding the accommodation required.   She is available to bond with a neutered male, and if you would like to consider taking her on trial you will need to be able to set up accommodation alongside your male so they can live side by side for around 2 weeks before trying an introduction in neutral territory. Do have a read of the bonding article (link is also below) as this explains the slow bonding method, which is the recommended method for matching rabbits to keep stress and risk of fighting to a minimum. The standard donation of £60 will be required for Suki.

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