by | Dec 12, 2019 | My New Home

Tippex was one of a group of rabbits that arrived all at the same time.  They had previously been used for breeding despite Tippex only being a few months old.  She had had at least one litter before arriving here to safety.  Once she was spayed and vaccinated she was taken out on trial as a friend for a lonely neutered male, and here is her new owner’s account of how things went:

When Tippex first came we had her and Neelix in their cages near each other. They sniffed a little through the bars but were really uninterested!! 
We let them run round in separate pens and they settles next to each other fairly quickly. Only a little bit of foot stamping but nothing outrageous. 
We then braved it and opened the cages with Dave in with them. There was a little scuffle so we separated them back out and left them for a few days. They then started lying next to each other against the bars so we tried again and they loved it. They chased each other a little, then sat and ate with each other. 
They’re now happily running around together all the time when we’re home. They cuddle up together, eat each other’s food and are just generally happy little bunnies ❤️
I have attached a couple pictures 🙂

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